Young  Nails

  • Young Nails has shown tremendous growth internationally and nationally.
  • Young Nails only supplies products to professional nail technicians.
  • Young Nails is not a whole seller and all our products are sold in the original packaging.
  • Young Nails is a professional product, used by professional nail technicians around the world.
  • Young Nails qualified nail technicians will be able to purchase products in any country where Young Nails distributes products.
  • Young Nails qualified nail technicians will be able to work on cruise liners.
  • Young Nails nail technicians can take part in any nail competition.
  • Young Nails continuously offers education to keep up with the international standard.
  • Young Nails Educators are trained on the highest standards.
  • Young Nails Educators are available for any advice after completion of any course.
  • All courses include a complete kit and not just a starter kit.
  • There are a variety of courses to choose from.  Contents of kits differ.


  • To supply a quality product to professionals who are serious about their business.
  • To train students to be the best in the industry.
  • To train students properly and to insure students know the difference between applying product and how to apply product correctly.
  • To be one step ahead of the competition.
  • To send nail technicians into the world to be able to be financially independent.
  • That every student wants to return for additional courses to increase their knowledge and income.