Young Nails Awareness

Awareness is the ability to notice everything about your environment, being conscious of your surroundings, and most importantly, listening.  Young Nails sees this as a vital part to its success.  It allows us to stay on the cutting edge of product development, and most importantly being aware of the need of the industry.
Young Nails is Aware


A huge void that Young Nails sees in the nail industry today is a true consideration for the nail technician.  Manufacturers today too often deprive the nail technician from the support and customer service they deserve.  Nail technicians are not able to contact manufacturers for educational questions they need answered, or problems they may experience.  Usually they are referred to someone that lacks the knowledge and experience to support the nail tech.  Young Nails always considers the nail tech FIRST.  We offer direct support and customer service to all of our clients.
Young Nails Considers


Young Nails understands that education is the key to success.  We believe in a high quality program with only the top nail techs in the industry educating our product line.  With Greg Salo on board, Young Nails will continue to set the standard for education.
Young Nails Educates